What used to be commonly referred to as the general store, was far from the mega stores we have today, but they were big enough. Suited cashiers and store clerks, the stereotype proprietor sported a moustache and was protected by a long white apron. The store carried almost every large and small item needed in the home. At your service, they took your home essentials needs seriously. The store was often a sort of gathering place and the shop owner didn't mind, in fact they welcomed the community and joined in the conversations, and in no hurry to close the shop. Ah, the good old days.
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Do you have a question to ask our general store owners? Many burning questions go unanswered in these days of self service - we want to bring back the conversation and genuine help.  Whether you have a question on how to use their products, advice on when to plant those herbs or what they suggest on what to use butter or olive oil, get in touch for their view and advice, at your service.

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